BUBBLE BISTROT is the ultimate sparkling playground for the bold and beautiful, fast and furious, humble and intelligent, boho and elegant, traditional and modern. 

We are your everyday inspiration. We are the bubbles that don’t burst yours; we believe in having fun wherever the heaven or hell you are. Press the button and we’ll fulfill your request. It will be a spectacular night of epic proportions. And they’ll say it all started with a fancy box on your doorstep... 

We provide you with exquisite curated bubble selection boxes, fit for all possible occasions.

Enter a world of lust and passion, endless nights that turn into days, dinners where one’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party, well… everything that bubbles bring to the table. 

Whether you’re throwing an A-LIST party or dinner for two. There’s a saying in BUBBLE BISTROT: where there’s fun to be had, there are bubbles to be delivered. 

Or perhaps you’re a collector, a keeper of drinking records, a scorer of everything you taste. You came for a long time, not just a good time. It takes dedication, becoming the sparkling expert in your social circle, but we trust you’re up for the task. Analyze, categorize, and immortalize the exquisite tastes placed in your waiting hands by BUBBLE BISTROT with our collectible FAN CARDS. 

With our bubbly subscription service Sparkling Express, you are taken on an intoxicating adventure full of endless “SURPRISE ME” moments. The heights of play and pleasure that await are limitless. 

Be at the heart of everything we do.


 * BUBBLE BISTROT is a sparkling concept service established in 2021. Owned by ambassador of Champagne, WSET Diploma holder and wine architect Mr Pilens and sommelier Mr Schierhuber. Curated by multi artist Mrs Santa Pilens. Events and catering managed by Mrs Victoria Schierhuber. Expect everything but boring, because we came here for a fun time!